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$10 Quilt 2020 Program Details

We are changing the way we roll out $10 Quilt this season. Due to the restriction of gathering size and the required precautions against virus spread, we have come up with a FUN BUT DIFFERENT way we can still offer our $10 Quilt program.


This Year's Quilt Project


$10 Quilt 2020 is a Block of the Month Program spanning 12 months from  September 2020 - August 2021. The project we have selected for this year is called "Veronica's Village". It is a 3-colour quilt - the background as well as a dark and a light or a dark and a medium. The quilt top has 12 different blocks and one repeating block.

You can choose your finished quilt size: 

  • 72" x 72" quilt centre, -or-

  • 88" x 88" finished with flying geese borders

Program Overview


  1. Register for the "Drop-In" or "Mailout" Program.

  2. Receive a Welcome Email.

  3. Choose your fabric (get 30% off if you purchase in store).

  4. Visit the exclusive "Demo & Discounts" webpage each month beginning in September.

  5. Get your next month's pattern.

Gifts & Prizes:

  1. Monthly "Win your Purchase" Draw.

  2. Drop-In Program: Up to $55 of "Quilt Cash" and Draw.

  3. Mailout Program: 12-Month Word Challenge.

What is different this year?





In previous years, registration was limited to around 300 participants due to a limit of $10 Quilt fabric as well as space in our classroom. Registration sold out very quickly! But not this year - there is no limit to the number of $10 Quilters. 

If you are unable to register right away, we will keep registration open for the first few months and you can get your backlog of $10 Quilt patterns when you begin the program. But the previous month's featured products will no longer be offered at a discount. NOTE: Registration for 2020-21 is now closed.



You will still get to be entertained by the "Cynthia and Shannon Show", but the product demos and store updates will be recorded and posted to your exclusive "Demo & Discounts" webpage, rather than you attending in person... (scroll down for more info about Monthly Demos and Product Specials.) You will receive an email notifying you toward the beginning of each month as to when the MONTHLY DEMO VIDEO has been posted! Watch for your monthly email!


Register for the program you wish to join for the 12-month period. You can choose from monthly DROP IN for a one-time fee of $10. If you live far away or can't make it to the store in person, just register for the MAIL-OUT program for $20 (sorry, no digital pattern downloads due to copyright restrictions). 

Anytime after the video has been posted on the DEMO & DISCOUNT webpage, the pattern for the month will be ready for DROP-IN PICKUP/MAILOUT. 

For those who sign up for the "Drop-In Program" 

  • The store will be open late on the 2nd Wednesday of the month until 7pm! Otherwise, drop in any time during regular store hours. 

  • You have the entire month to pick up your pattern. We ask that you do not send someone in your place! We would rather you come in person and participate in the program! If you need that month's block mailed to you, there will be a $2 charge. 

  • Show your "homework" (completed block) from the previous month and get $5 in "Quilt Cash" per month up to $55 worth (we don't check your last block). You can use "Quilt Cash" in store for up to 30 days at the end of the program. You will also be entered in a monthly draw for some quilting goodies!



You can pick the fabric you wish to use from the vast selection of quilting cottons in our store and online, or of course you can utilize your stash. You will need two contrasting fabrics (light/dark) and a background. You will get 30% off any fabric you choose for $10 Quilt. This discount is for a one-time use, and can be used for the top, batting, backing and binding of your $10 Quilt project for this current year. 

Once you register, you will get a Welcome Email containing a Supplies List that that will specify fabric quantities for the blocks and finishing extras, along with your 30% off Fabric Discount Coupon.



Each month, the demo video and featured products (and discount coupon code) will be posted on a exclusive "Demo & Discounts" webpage. The page will be for $10 Quilt members only. Visit as often as you like to feel connected to our $10 Community.

More About Monthly Demos and Product Discounts...

Demo Video

Shannon and Cynthia will record a demo each month in lieu of $10 Quilters attending the Info Session in person. An email notification will go to all $10 Quilters at the beginning of each month that the video is ready for viewing. The 10-15 minute video will be posted on the "Demos & Discounts" webpage. It will showcase new and exciting quilting goodies, and provide an update on store news and upcoming events. It is a great way to "be in the know"! Each month, the featured products will be available to purchase at 20% off IN STORE, or by using a Coupon Code ONLINE at checkout. The Coupon Code will be revealed in your monthly email.
Be Part of Our Live Studio Audience!
To help us during the recording, we are looking for six $10 Quilters each month who will be part of our live studio audience (sit in the classroom with chairs far apart), to boost the energy and momentum so we are not just talking to a camera! Let us know if you want to be part of our studio audience! We'll take your name at registration and contact you to schedule a month.
Word of the Month
To add to the fun, each month's video will contain a "word of the month” that will want to JOT DOWN!


  • DROP-IN Program: You will need this "special word" when you go to pick up your next pattern! Without the word, you will be fined a $Twoony to get your next pattern! So, be sure to view the video before you come to the store!

  • MAILOUT Program: At the end of 12 months, you can submit your answers. If you have all 12 (correct) words, you will be entered into a final $10 Quilt draw for some great quilting goodies!

Win Your Purchase

Each month, we will draw from those who purchased featured products to win their purchase. The draw will be made from all purchases both online and instore for that month. Are you feeling lucky?

About the "DROP-IN Program"

  • Registration Fee = $10

  • "Demo & Discount" Webpage: You will get a email notifying you when the video has been posted.​ Visit the exclusive webpage to watch the monthly demo video and listen for the "word of the month".​ You will need this word for your Pattern Pickup! 

  • 20% Discount on Featured Products: Take advantage of the discount on featured products within the month. Each month, the products change and previous discount expires.​

  • BOM Pattern: You will get a email notifying you when the pattern is ready for Pickup. Visit the store anytime during regular store hours to pick up your $10 Quilt pattern each month (no appointment necessary!) The store is open late until 7pm on 2nd Wednesday of the month. To get your next pattern, you must say the "Word of the Month" (that was revealed in the Demo Video) - otherwise there is a $Twoony Fine!​

  • Homework: Show your homework from the previous month and get $5 in "Quilt Cash" for up to $55 of "Quilt Cash" for use in store for 30 days at the end of the program. You will also be entered in a monthly draw for some quilting goodies!

About the "MAILOUT Program"

  • Registration Fee = $20

  • "Demo & Discount" Webpage: You will get a email notifying you when the video has been posted.​ Visit the exclusive webpage to watch the monthly demo video and listen for the "word of the month". You will need these words if you are entering in the 12-Month Word Challenge (see below).

  • 20% Discount on Feature Products: Take advantage of the discount on featured products within the month. Each month, the products change and the previous discount expires. If purchasing from our online store, just apply the month's Coupon Code at checkout (it will be in your monthly email). 

  • BOM Pattern: Your pattern will arrive to the address provided. At registration, make sure we have your correct mailing address on file!

  • Homework: We encourage you to do your homework every month, so you don't fall behind, and you have 12 blocks at the end of the program ready for finishing!​ Be part of the $10 Quilt Community!

  • 12-Month Word Challenge: At the end of the program, submit your "Word of the Month" list. Those with a correct list of words will be entered into a draw for some quilting goodies!


Please call the store 705-458-4546 if you need some guidance. 

We hope you join in the fun for another season of $10 Quilt!